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FCP Services, Inc. is the nonprofit corporation that operates the Upper Allegheny Valley Community Development Corporation (UAV-CDC) serving the Upper Allegheny Valley in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We focus on the river municipalities of Tarentum, Brackenridge, and Harrison Township. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for residents in these communities through the implementation of the recently completed comprehensive plan for the region.



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Community Revitalization

FCP focuses on community revitalization   by reinvesting in the individuals, properties, and businesses in this region. 

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Community Development Corporation

Upper Allegheny Valley Community Development Corporation


Community Assistance

FCP Provides Services that Improves the Quality of LIfe 


Communities in the Upper Allegheny Valley face many challenges. None is greater than the growing number of people who have lost hope. Hope that their lives will improve. Hope that there are better days ahead. These are good people with few resources to overcome homelessness, unemployment, illness, and lack of opportunities.


They suffer. Their children suffer. And our community suffers. Why? Because our communities have declined from a lack of investment in projects and developments with a vision for the future. The recently completed comprehensive plan for our area lays out a roadmap for success. FCP and the CDC it established are committed to assisting in all aspects of the plan's implementation.



FCP Services is a unique community development initiative that builds a bridge between people with needs and access to the services to improve their lives. We are a collaboration of community organizations, businesses, government agencies, churches, and individuals, all working together to help people find resources and solve problems. We stress the development of self-reliance skills and believe in the power of an inclusive and cooperative community development approach to renewal. 


FCP Services stresses the development of self-reliance skills for individuals and for our communities. All services provided by FCP and the CDC are based on the values of respect, personal worth, and human dignity. FCP puts these values into action!



We need your support to make our vision a reality. We are seeking additional partner organizations, volunteers, financial contributors, and sponsors. Contact us at 724.224.9220 for more information. Join the FCP partnership. Express your commitment to making the Upper Allegheny Valley a stronger community that inspires hope and changes peoples’ lives.

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